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Any body can become a member under the following conditions.

1. confesses the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior;

2. Is at least 20(twenty) years of age;

3. Have the passion for missions

4. Accepts conscientiously without reservation Sections A through J of Article VII of this Constitution, the Statement of Faith;

5. Agrees to be governed in Association affiliation by this Constitution and its duly adopted amendments;

6. Recognizes and accepts the authority of the President-and the rest of the active officers in this Association.

7. Applies for membership and, upon due examination by at least two members of the Directors Board, is approved for membership by the Directors Board. The Directors Board shall not be obligated to accept any person as a member.


1. Any person who meets the qualifications of this Article shall be received as a Member into the fellowship of this Association.

2. Members have the right to attend and vote at any duly called Business Meeting of this Association.

3. Members have the privilege of holding elected or appointed office in this Association for which they are qualified in accordance with this Constitution.

4. Members have the responsibility to see that the Association functions in a way that glorifies God and to help with Association operations and ministry.


1. It shall be the duty of the Directors Board to examine the membership roll at least annually. Any Member who has been absent for a period of two consecutive months or longer, and who fails to give satisfactory reason for such absence to the Directors Board, may be removed from membership.

2. Any Member may be voluntarily removed from membership by submitting a written request to the Directors Board or making a verbal request to at least two members of the Directors Board.

3. A former Member may be reinstated by a vote of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the Directors Board.

4. All changes to the membership role shall be made at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Directors Board and recorded in the minutes thereof.

5. Members can get a loan from the association which will be decided by the president depending on the financial status of the association.

6. Members will travel in the name of the association if only on association’s missions.

7. The welfare of the members will be taken care of by the welfare committee.

8. there will be a Head quarters fund.

8.contributions will be made to the head quarters fund for emergencies.


1.Any Member who fails to meet the Membership qualifications in Article V, Section A, of this Constitution, or gives just cause in conduct contrary to biblical principles, may be subject to dismissal.

2.All charges recommending dismissal shall be submitted to the Directors Board in writing and signed by the accuser(s).

3. A Member shall be dismissed by the vote of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the Directors Board in a duly called meeting, at which he or she may be represented by two other Members, introduce evidence, present and cross-examine witnesses. The accused Member shall be presented with the written charges at least thirty (30) days prior to such meeting.


How to pray for Missionaries:

Do not pray, "God bless all the missionaries - Amen," but rather, pray that God:


1.Will help them live their lives to the honor and glory of Christ.

1. Will give them opportunities to fulfill their hearts' desire to reach the lost.

2. Will give them a measure of health and protection that will best glorify Him.

3. Will grant them grace to overcome the difficulties that may come their way.

4. Will encourage them in the work so that they are not frustrated by setbacks.

5. Will give them unconquerable determination to go through every obstacle with Him as their guide.

6. Will allocate to them time to pray and study their Bibles.

7. Will provide religious freedom in the countries to which they are led.

8. Will help the presentation of the Gospel to be understood by those listening to it.

9. Will restrain their activities in order that they might have the time and energy to accomplish His work.

10. Will encourage them to discipline themselves in their Bible study and preparation of Bible lessons.

11. Will help them overcome temptation.

12. Will give them strength, wisdom, and guidance in bringing up their children in a foreign culture.

13. Will cause their Bible Classes to be effective.

14. Will help their new converts in the field to grow spiritually.

15. Will give them grace to overcome the loneliness, irritations, and misunderstandings which may arise because of the environment, culture and circumstances.

16. Will give wisdom so that the efforts that they put forth are for Him and not for self.

17. Will provide for their material needs.

18. Will provide the financial support for ministry needs.

19. Will give guidance in knowing what to do and in planning when to do it.

20. Will give enough fruit for their labors that they will stay encouraged.

21. Will give them insight into the foreign culture so they might not be obnoxious or insensitive.

22. Will provide protection from those who hate them because they are foreigners and Christians.

23. Will strengthen them spiritually so they can stick with their decision to serve the Lord in a foreign culture.

24. Will keep them humble when they are tempted to pride in comparing themselves to the people they minister to.



Thank you for your visit.

"I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: The night cometh, when no man can work."

John 9:4


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