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Evil spirits and their names

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Boopa; is a spirit which causes men of God to fail,fall,die,end ministry or collapse church

Luke 14:18-20 and the bible say they began to make excuses with one accord.

Santa: is a spirit which prevents people from ideas visions, plans, for you and also prevent good things from you.

Nee-nee: is the spirit that causes people to have HIV/AIDS and also fight them from been healed or incurable, but God almighty through Jesus Christ will cure you, amen.

Shapo: is a spirit of irritation and evil burning sensation in the bodies of people.

PAASA: is a spirit that causes females to go into prostitutions.

MATATA: is a spirit that causes confusion and strike disaster.

TAATA: is a spirit that causes sicknesses in human beings.

Eme:baby or children witches

Viper: is a wicked spirit, spirit of blood sucking, it also imports evil minds into people.

Esmanaa-: is a spirit which causes blood into the sea and hurts human beings into the sea also serve as agents of the queen of the coast

Abertaa--: causes people to have low inferiority complex, see yourself low and small, despise, look down upon yourself, it also causes a limitations(prevent you from going forward) in life.

SHEE--: is a spirit that causes ethnic conflict or tribal wars.

SHABO--: is a spirit that which causes people to enter into sexy dancing. etc

FAMILIER SPIRIT--: is an agent of the devil who is in your family.

MAMMON SPIRIT--: is a spirit which prevents you from becoming rich, makes you misuse money, and also makes people misers, makes you use money wrongly, makes your money to be stolen, makes you selfish to give and causes poverty as well.

MARINE SPIRIT--: it is a spirit that destroys marriages, marry people by so doing prevent them from marrying and giving birth, it also have sex with people in their dreams, it tempt men of God, makes people speak lustful words. Also causes unmarried people to watch pornography.

ABCON--: is the spirit against work, makes work not to be work, blocks customers and sales of goods and services, makes people lazy to work, will not allow you to make profit in business,will give you bad customers,cover your goods and stores with spider webs from the public.

ADAADA---: is a spirit that causes misunderstanding between friends ,brothers and sisters ,husbands and wifes etc

APATOO--: is a spirit which rises against churches, it also drives members aways, it breaks churches, set confusion and quarrying in churches.

EMAASS--: it is a spirit which controls secret society or occults.

EASI --: is a spirit that controls alcoholism, it makes people drink excessive alcohol to drive them.

ABOYO---: Does a spirit that causes confusion on oneself, not know what to do.

BOOBO--: Is a spirit that brings fear to people and makes them fail always.

YAALO--: It is a monitoring spirit on Christian with a spiritual garget such as scanning, videoing, and recording.

AMODI--: it is a spirit that causes sorrow in people and crying in dreams.

NIMADI--: it is a spirit of rejection, unfavour, no good will be extended to you.

NIMODE--: it is a spirit that prevents people to stay in one marriage, church, or stay success in one thing.



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